iPad Stylus Review

February 17th, 2011

I got my iPad last summer to use primarily for sketching and drawing. I use the Brushes and Sketchbook Pro apps. I did a little research before I bought my first stylus. At that point, the Pogo Sketch by Ten One Design had some good reviews, so I got that one. The foam tip on the Pogo Sketch dragged on the screen. I was pushing really hard because of the drag and eventually flattened and warped the tip of the pen within a month. I did like the small tip on the Pogo Sketch because it allowed me to see what I was doing. ┬áMy hand often cramped while using this pen because the shaft is really small. I tried putting a pencil grip on the pen but it didn’t work because your skin has to be touching the metal in order for the pen to work.

About a week ago, my husband sent me a link to Stylus Socks Pro on Etsy. I read a few reviews and decided to try this new pen. The pen uses a highly conductive thread. (I also have a pair of gloves with this same thread on 2 fingers so that you can use your phone with your gloves on in the winter!) I got the pen last night and was amazed by it’s responsiveness! It glides across the surface of the iPad. The shaft of the pen is almost as long as a real pencil, and is much thicker than the Pogo Sketch. The only thing I don’t like is that the tip of the pen is a little wide. It’s hard to see what you’re doing when you’re working on details. Overall, this is my first choice of stylus for the iPad.

I also ordered a Griffin Stylus. I’m still waiting for this one to arrive, but I will let you know what it’s like as soon as I test it. I’m also interested in trying a new stylus on Kickstarter called, More/Real, that turns a Sharpie, a Bic pen, or a Pilot Fineliner into a stylus. If it works well it will be a great product because it will be the same weight and length of a regular pen. It also looks like the tip is pretty small. I’ll keep you updated on this one too.

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