February 9th, 2011

I got an iPad last Fall. I was hestitant to use it to do my drawings because I was afraid that my drawings would be really flat. I reluctantly started playing with the Brushes and Sketchbook Pro apps. At first, the drawings were pretty bad. It took me awhile to get the hang of using the Pogo pen and creating any depth to the pictures. Eventually, I started adding layers and textures, which made a huge difference. People often ask me whether the drawings are in markers or on the computer. When I hear that, I know that it means that I’m learning and getting better at the technique. I was doing all of my sketching on the iPad as well, but recently I started doing the sketches on paper, scanning them into my computer, and then putting them on my iPad. I’ve found that my imagination flows much better on paper. I feel a bit constrained when i sketch on the iPad, but I love coloring and finalizing drawings on the it. When I went back to paper I would tap the pencil in the lower right corner of the page thinking that I was hitting undo, like on my iPad. For, now I feel like I have a system that’s working pretty well, and challenging me.

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