Coming Back Soon

Things have been busy around here, however, things are clearing up and I’ll be back soon.



A crane that I just drew for a project I’m working on. I had no idea that I really like drawing trucks and other construction equipment!


I have been neglecting my blog for too long now! I have been extremely busy working on a VERY short turn around picture book. It has been a challenge, but also a pleasure to get my first gig on a PB. I have learned so much about the process. I had no idea that a dummy would take me so long. I have done them as samples, but not for an actual book until this point. In the past I’ve been sketching on paper and coloring digitally. When I started this project I realized that I can work much faster on paper at this point. So, for this project I’m doing a combination of markers and digital work. It’s reassuring to have tangible stacks of papers showing the work I’ve done rather than files on a computer. I think in the future I will continue to combine the 2 mediums. In another project, that I’ve set aside for the moment, I will be experimenting with much more with the combination of materials. I’m almost done with the dummy, and excited to start adding color. I can’t wait to share the book with you.
In the meantime, I might be a bit distracted from my blog and updating my website. Check back in mid-June for images of the book!

LA Festival of Books

Yesterday I went to the LA Festival of Books at USC. This is the first year that it’s been held at USC. I have to say that I liked it better at UCLA because the sections weren’t all broken up into smaller sections. There was an impressive line up of children’s book author’s and illustrators. I was really excited to find a copy of Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann and Janet Lee at one of the booths. I recently read a review of this book that piqued my interest. I love the way that the illustrations are divided up on the page. It’s not just your typical squares in a row. I also discovered a new illustrator that I really like, Tao Nyeu. She uses a limited palette and a simple style in each of her books.

In other news, I’ve been really busy working on a picture book. Hopefully I can share some drawings from it soon. I’m also adding an option to buy cards in sets of 10 at my Etsy store. You can pick and choose cards that you want as a set. Individual cards are now $3. If you buy 10 cards it’s $22.50. My blank flower cards are great for Mother’s Day! I plan on adding prints to my store as well but they might not be up until I’m done with my current project.

Etsy Store and New Website

I finally got my Etsy store up and running! Right now, I only have 4 cards for sale, including the cupcake birthday one above, but soon I’ll have up prints for sale as well. The cards are also available in bulk. They are printed on 80 lb. card stock with archival inks, and come with a white envelope. Let me know if you need any cards.I’m really excited about expanding the store and adding more products.

I also updated my website. Check out the new home page. All of the categories aren’t completely up to date, but they will be within the next week.


I recently went on a field trip with my 3rd grade class to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). At JPL they make the robots that go to different places in space. We got to see them making the new robot, Curiosity, that’s going to Mars next December. They make the robots in a “clean room,” which is free of all dust. The people working in the “clean room” have to wear funny white suits that they call bunny suits. Below is a picture of Curiosity and people in bunny suits working on it. We also got to see the control room where they send and receive information to and from satellites and robots in space. I had drawn this strange picture of another planet awhile ago, but it was never finished. JPL inspired me to finish this piece. It’s hard to see in this picture because it’s so small, but there is a person in a space suit at the top of the ladder in the right uppermost “volcano” thing.



Illustration Friday


Caroline’s Card Ideas

Caroline, one of the 3rd graders in the class I work in, designed these cards. She told me that she writes down ideas for cards all the time! I especially love the “Make it Shine” one, and all the little smiley faces in the “Happy one”. ┬áThe cards even have little messages and notes on the back. Thanks for sharing these with me, Caroline!


I recently decided to start reading middle grade and YA books to keep up to date with what’s out there. I started with a classic, and one of my favorites growing up, The BFG by Roald Dahl. I didn’t remember the way that the BFG talked. I love his broken, improvised language. I just finished reading, Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen. I got completely absorbed in the book. I read it in a few days. It was hilarious and I fell in love with the characters, especially Mullet Fingers. What a
great name! I can’t wait to read more books by Hiaasen. If you have any suggestions of books to read, please leave a comment or email me.

In other news, I’m working on rebuilding my website and portfolios. The homepage will now have a children’s portfolio, an about section, a card section, an “everything I bought for a month” section, a recipes section, and a store section. The editorial section will no longer exist. My plan is to launch the new site as well as an Etsy store on April 11th. Below is the drawing for the “shop” section of the new site.

I’ve been looking for an illustration critique group to join for awhile now. I’m really excited that I found one with some other SCBWI members. Rebecca Evans graciously took the lead, and set up the critique group.

My First Pattern

I made my first pattern today! I drew the apple, orange, grapefruit, and lemon pictures a while ago, but I couldn’t decide how to organize them. This will also be a 5×7 in. card for sale on my Etsy store, which will be up within the next month. I’ll keep you posted.