New Drawings and News

November 17th, 2010

I drew the bear wearing the rain boots and holding the umbrella a long time ago. I drew a background for him that I hated, but I liked the bear so much that I cut him out. I’ve been trying to find the right picture for him, and I think I finally found it with this combination!

I originally drew the girl on the typewriter without the crumpled paper on the floor. I went to the SCBWI Los Angeles Illustrator’s Day last weekend and had a portfolio review with Brian Floca. We were talking about narrative and what would ┬ámake this picture more intriguing. Something as simple as crumpled pieces of paper on the floor add a whole other dimension to this piece. I also heard informative and inspiring talks from Dan Santat, Jennifer Rofe, Rich Deas, and Abigail Simoun. It was a fantastic day meeting other illustrators and learning all sorts of new things about children’s illustration.

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