May 18th, 2011

I have been neglecting my blog for too long now! I have been extremely busy working on a VERY short turn around picture book. It has been a challenge, but also a pleasure to get my first gig on a PB. I have learned so much about the process. I had no idea that a dummy would take me so long. I have done them as samples, but not for an actual book until this point. In the past I’ve been sketching on paper and coloring digitally. When I started this project I realized that I can work much faster on paper at this point. So, for this project I’m doing a combination of markers and digital work. It’s reassuring to have tangible stacks of papers showing the work I’ve done rather than files on a computer. I think in the future I will continue to combine the 2 mediums. In another project, that I’ve set aside for the moment, I will be experimenting with much more with the combination of materials. I’m almost done with the dummy, and excited to start adding color. I can’t wait to share the book with you.
In the meantime, I might be a bit distracted from my blog and updating my website. Check back in mid-June for images of the book!

One Response to “Neglected”

  1. Caroline May says:

    ¬†Always happy to get any sort of news from you. I find it very exciting to know that you’re doing what you love and being paid for it! I know it’s work, but I envy you making a career of art. Congratulations on being discovered!
    xo ma